Transformation is an iterative process that knows no final state. The free transformation check-up puts the current state of your company into the transformation matrix with just a few questions. This allows you to identify potential and gain an edge over your competitors.

The problem

In a few years, the digital and analog worlds will probably be completely merged. Companies that don't face this change won't be able to survive. However, a small to medium-sized company can quickly be overwhelmed by these changes and lose focus. This makes it all the more important to know where your company is in transformation and where there is still potential - also in terms of competition.

The procedure

Transformation is not limited to a single level. In order to successfully drive it forward, the dimensions of business model, organization, culture, space and market are particularly important. The transformation check-up consists of 30 questions about your company, which you can answer within 10 minutes. You will then receive an evaluation from us.

The solution

Based on your answers, the Company Factory creates a detailed analysis of your company and classifies it into the transformation matrix. With the help of this analysis you can recognize your transformation potential and see where you stand in comparison to your competitors. This gives you the chance to become a pioneer of transformation in your industry.