Test and Learn

The starting position

With Yours and More, Bodenschatz AG has created a new brand that stands for sustainable design. In contrast to the main business, in which B2B approaches are pursued, Yours and More was intended to get to know the end customer better. The "Soap Flakes" were the perfect product to gain experience in this new field. Contrary to expectations, the product did not perform as planned. The Company Factory was called in to generate more B2C business learning and to promote the Yours and More brand.

The problem

Bodenschatz AG had already invested a lot in the development of "Soap Flakes" and in the development of the Yours and More brand. However, the monetization was moderately successful and the webshop did not go well. Distribution via Yours and More included only one product for which the effort was far too great.

The solution approach

With the help of the Lean Startup approach, the learnings about the B2C business are to be further expanded with minimal costs and the product range is to be supplemented. The main focus will be on sustainable products from young designers in order to provide a platform for young Swiss talents. The creation of a community is also intended to create greater awareness of the Yours and More brand among end customers.

The result

Within a very short time, the Yours and More product range was expanded to include sustainable design products for kitchens and bathrooms. It was possible to build up a community around sustainable design and learn a lot about the end customer. After a three-month test phase, a reassessment was made and the next steps were discussed. It was decided to discontinue the Yours and More web shop because the effort required for further learning was considered too great. All parties are satisfied with the result of the project, as many learnings were generated with minimal expenditure. The newly acquired knowledge is now being successfully applied to a new B2C online shop with a different target group.